The Parks Alliance partners with more than 150 recreation centers and playgrounds in Philadelphia. At each site, we work with recreation staff and neighborhood volunteers to build Advisory Councils that fundraise, develop programs, and maintain the sites. The Advisory Council network creates a sense of community ownership over the spaces and ensures the community's voice is heard.

Our mission is to work with Council members to increase engagement, build programming, and develop resources that can transform these spaces into true centers of community that strengthen neighborhoods.

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Baker Advisory Council meets with Representative Cephas

Baker Advisory Council meets with Representative Cephas

Local Recreation Advisory Councils

An Advisory Council is a structured group of community volunteers who fundraise, develop programs, host events, and maintain their neighborhood recreation center, park, or playground. They meet once a month to plan how to improve their center.

Want to get involved with your own park, recreation center, or playground? Any community member can join an Advisory Council and meetings are open to the public. Contact us.


The city-wide parks and recreation network advocates for more funding.

The city-wide parks and recreation network advocates for more funding.

Philadelphia Recreation Advisory Council (PRAC)

PRAC is the city-wide umbrella organization that all local Advisory Councils and Parks and Recreation staff can participate in. There are quarterly meetings where Council members and staff can hear Parks and Recreation updates, attend training sessions, and discuss issues related to their work. The Parks Alliance works to build this city-wide network into a resource that can benefit everyone in the Parks and Recreation sphere.

To receive updates about PRAC meetings and business: Contact us.


We mourn the passing of Michael McCrae, the former PRAC president. Donate to the Mike McCrae Memorial Fund and support rec centers across the city.



The Parks Alliance acts as the nonprofit 501(c)3 partner entity for all local Advisory Councils and PRAC.

Additional Services:
The Parks Alliance provides consultations and trainings on boosting community engagement, fundraising capacity, program development, and organizational structure - all services are free to Council members.