My second day on the job at the Parks Alliance [copy]
The Alliance has recorded some remarkable wins over our history -- championing funding and reforms to create outstanding parks, recreation and open spaces. The staff and volunteers at Philadelphia's recreation centers and parks are often unsung heroes and I want to share their stories whenever we can (see below).

Over the last two years, the Alliance has focused our work on supporting Recreation Advisory Councils -- increasing the capacity of these volunteer groups to serve their centers. That vital work is now being taken over by a team within Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. It's a policy win for the Alliance but also a major change in the nature of our work.

It's the start of a new chapter at the Alliance and an exciting time to take over as ED. If you would like to talk about opportunities you see for the Alliance to champion outstanding parks and recreation centers, please drop me a line.

Alex Doty, Executive Director
A summer at the Hank Gathers Rec Center — famous for Kyle Lowry, Dawn Staley and Marcus and Markieff Morris — will tell you everything about North Philadelphia that the headlines leave out.
Amid a spate of violence at Philadelphia parks, one North Philly man has made his neighborhood park safer using Jell-o, paintbrushes, and conversation.
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Philadelphia students will have more opportunities to participate in after-school activities, thanks to an additional $2 million in funding for the programs. 
When it feels like we still have a long way to go, it's good to remember how far the parks movement has come. These photos from the 1970s show block after block of parking inside the National Mall!
Championing outstanding parks, recreation, and open spaces to make Philadelphia a healthy, vibrant and sustainable city for all.

As champions of Philadelphia parks, recreation and open spaces, we have notched important victories since our founding in 1984.


City Increases Support for Rec Center Advisory Councils


A team at Philadelphia Parks and Recreation takes over support of various Rec Center Advisory Councils from the Parks Alliance, the culmination of our Recreation Community Initiative launched in 2016.



$500 million Rebuild begins, the largest public space investment in city history, partly funded by the soda tax.

We help lead the Rebuild coalition to victory!


"The Parks Alliance team were integral leaders in the fight to get parks, rec centers, and libraries the largest capital investment in the history of the city! Thanks to the Parks Alliance's efforts, Philadelphia’s neighborhoods will see major investments in our public spaces."

Mayor Jim Kenney

Winning Funding Increases


The Parks Alliance and our allies win a series of funding increases for Parks and Rec, the first time the PPA budget has increased in decades!

Protecting Our Parks with the Force of Law


Standards for protection of parkland, crafted by the Parks Alliance and our allies, are passed by City Council and signed into law.

The Merger


Our coalition wins passage of a City Charter change to merge the Fairmount Park Commission and the Recreation Department. The new Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department is an important step towards better efficiency and increased funding in the future.

New Name and New Goal


We change our name to Philadelphia Parks Alliance and begin campaigning for more funding.

Friends of Philadelphia Parks is Founded!