The Devil Is The Detail

"As the mercury approaches triple digits in these dog days of summer, so too does the number of revelers who seek to cool off at Devil’s Pool. The pool’s growing popularity was at the center of Claire Sasko’s Philadelphia magazine story from Sunday; so too, unfortunately, was the stoking of the flames of fear, with “dangerous” and “problematic” appearing in the subhead alone. To remediate the problem, the writer suggests city regulators believe it might be prudent to fill in the pool with rocks.

Devil’s Pool is no more dangerous now than it was when the first person of European origin saw it over 300 years ago, nor the millennia before that when Lenni-Lenapes possibly revered it for its spiritual magnitude. There may now be more people doing more foolish things, but don’t blame that on what is arguably Philadelphia’s finest natural landmark.

As I collected litter throughout the Wissahickon over the course of 2014, it came as no surprise to confirm what Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW) has known for years: Devil’s Pool is, by far, the filthiest place in the park’s 1,800 acres. Small grills, styrofoam coolers, giant bags of potato chips, dirty diapers, beer cans, beer bottles, blunt wrappers, t-shirts, underwear… all of these and more are left behind by thoughtless people who otherwise love and value this place..."

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