While PRA seeks redevelopment of Logan Triangle, some residents have a vision of their own

Playgrounds, soccer fields, orchards, greenhouses, flower beds, compost piles, a free health clinic and 300 solar-powered cottages for veterans and former inmates, all on 40 acres of undeveloped land in a long-neglected North Philly neighborhood.

It’s a dream alive, says Paul Glover, who’s part of a group of residents proposing to build the Logan Orchard and Market (LOAM). They’re hoping to bring this Dymaxion vision to life on the Logan Triangle, where 1,000 houses once stood before slowly sinking into the soft ash foundation underground and cracking apart.

“We'll start small and grow like a coral reef of beauty and plenty,” Glover said in a press release announcing a public meeting about the proposal next week.

The Logan Triangle sits northwest of Roosevelt Boulevard between 6th and 11th streets, bordered by Loudon Street on the north. It’s been almost completely unoccupied for the last 20 years, during which it’s been talked about, planned for, and charetted any number of times. In the last few years, the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority has collected the remaining privately owned land through eminent domain.