City Council Candidate Responses to Park Policy Questions

April 28, 2015

The Philadelphia Parks Alliance posed all Republican and Democrat primary candidates for City Council the following three questions. Their responses, or non-response, are noted in a downloadable file.

1. Adequate parks and recreation programming is essential to serving Philadelphia’s diverse
population. At present too many rec centers and parks have no programming and no hope of
programming at the current level of funding. How will you ensure that all of the children in
Philadelphia, including the 37% under 18 who are living in poverty, have the opportunity to
participate in high level specialized programming including athletics, performing and visual
arts, environmental science, cultural experiences, healthy habits and more?

2. The Open Lands Protection Ordinance is a Philadelphia law that establishes conditions that
must be satisfied before outdoor park or recreation land in Philadelphia may be converted or
transferred to any other use. Do you pledge to protect Philadelphia’s parkland by upholding
and championing the Open Lands Protection Ordinance signed into law in 2011?

3. Funding for Philadelphia’s parks and recreation has been inadequate for decades, lagging
behind other city departments. In fact, Philadelphia’s park related expenditure per resident is
far less than Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and many other American cities. What steps
would you take as a Councilmember to financially invest in Philadelphia’s Department of
Parks and Recreation?