Illegal swimming in Philly's creeks often leads to tragedy

"IT'S BEEN ALMOST 17 years since the raging waters of Pennypack Creek swept away Nicky Simonetti, 15, as he fought the current trying to save his best friend's life. But his mom, Beth Simonetti-Gallelli, still shudders at the memory of the day in 1996 when she lost her oldest child - along with his childhood friend, Chris Busse, who was like another son to her...But almost every summer, the life of another child - or, in rare cases, an adult - is claimed by the deceptively beautiful waters of Pennypack or another of Philadelphia's seven creeks. Though it's illegal to take a dip in city creeks, in the last two decades, according to a count by the Daily News, at least 16 people - mostly kids younger than 16 - have drowned in them. Dozens more have been injured in the winding, rocky, debris-filled waters. Since 2010, police have rescued 19 swimmers in trouble from creeks and rivers."