Big dig: Japanese Garden in Fairmount Park


"The paths around the Shofuso House and Garden, in Fairmount Park, once directed an estimated nine million people to the various buildings and booths at the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia. Now they are quiet, meandering and overgrown.

A 19th-century stone lantern moved from the Japanese garden after the Centennial sits along one of these shaded paths, forgotten. But next week, a team of archaeologists may uncover its original home.

The planned archaeological excavation of the first Japanese garden in North America, which was part of Japan’s Centennial exhibit, was neglected and buried following the fair.

On Saturday, AECOM, the archeology team, will do a public dig; visitors will be able to watch the archaeologists in action as they begin to uncover the original paths of the garden and cornerstones of the Japanese Bazaar, the original exhibition building."