Photo Gallery

Below are Bartram's Garden photos taken by Bob Thomas. All rights Reserved.


Tall Ships Tour - Spring 2015

Bob Thomas took the below photos during a June 2015 Tall Ships Tour. All rights Reserved. Join Bob on an upcoming park tour.


Parks Alliance CELEBRATION 2011 - A Big Success!


On Thursday evening, November 3rd, Parks Alliance supporters joined us for our annual Celebration event at Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park.  The Alliance was proud to honor Jeff Brown, Founder, President and CEO of Brown’s Super Stores for his nationally recognized work to improve urban life and transform underserved communities in Philadelphia by making fresh food available.

Our hundred and seventy-five guests enjoyed live music by the Ken Ulansey Ensemble; magic and entertainment by Onionhead the Clown from UniverSoul Circus; and local craft beer from Philadelphia Brewing Company.  Dinner by Brûlée Catering, homemade desserts by individual volunteers and a spectacular cake by ShopRite were enjoyed by all. Throughout the evening, adults and children rode the restored 1908 Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel with great enthusiasm.

Remarks by the Parks Alliance, Mayor Nutter, Jeff Brown and Commissioner DiBerardinis all focused on what we were celebrating.

Thank you to Celebration co-chairs Amanda Roman & Chef Chip Roman, Peggy & Jay Juffre, and Nancy Drye & Bob Thomas; and our committee and volunteers who made the event such a wonderful success!

We thank Celebration sponsors and contributors who make it possible for the Philadelphia Parks Alliance to advocate on behalf of all of Philadelphia’s municipal parks!

See coverage in the Philadelphia Daily Record.

Growing Greener Forum Photo Gallery

Growing Greener in Philadelphia: An educational forum on Pennsylvania's Growing Greener Program
Monday, June 20, 2011

Presented by The Pennsylvania Environmental Council, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and the Philadelphia Parks Alliance

This educational event focused on Growing Greener, a landmark program to invest funds aimed at addressing critical environmental problems throughout Pennsylvania. This program has transformed Pennsylvania by empowering communities to protect working farms and special places, clean up rivers and streams, create and im prove parks and trails, and revitalize cities and towns. However, after a decade of success, the funding sources that support Growing Greener are nearly gone.

To ensure that our communities can continue their work, the Commonwealth needs to renew Growing Greener by investing $200 million annually in vital conservation, restoration and community revitalization projects.  At this forum, attendees learned how to encourage decision makers to renew this precious source of funding.

KYW News Radio Reports on Event.


Event Recap

Patrick Starr, Senior Vice President with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, served as master of ceremonies.  He opened the meeting at 5:40 pm, thanked Yards Brewing for hosting the event, welcomed attendees and introduced the speakers.  Speakers were as follows:

Tom Kehoe, President and Brewmaster of Yards Brewing Company, welcomed visitors to the site and spoke about the history of the brewery.  He highlighted the importance of a clean local water supply to the brewing industry (they have drawn their water from Schuylkill River supplies in the past and currently use Delaware River supply).  He spoke of Yards’ commitment to environmentally sound business practices and a healthy environment.

Patricia Elkis, Associate Director with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), presented the findings of the recently completed study on Economic Value of Protected Open Space in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  The study was overseen by DVRPC and the GreenSpace Alliance.

Andrew Heath, Executive Director of the Renew Grower Greener Coalition, spoke on the history and status of the Growing Greener Program, including a brief review of options for continued funding.

Michael DiBerardinis, Commissioner of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and Deputy Mayor for Environmental and Community Resources, served as keynote speaker.  He discussed his perspective on the Growing Greener program as past Secretary of the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and in his current role for the City.  He mentioned specific park and trail projects that have benefited Philadelphians.  He highlighted the democratic and egalitarian nature of these projects and their benefits, and stated that the cities that will thrive in the future are those that invest in their green infrastructure and prioritize a high quality of life.

The presentations lasted slightly over an hour.  Following Commissioner DiBerardinis’ remarks, Patrick thanked all participants and adjourned the formal meeting to an informal discussion period.

The forum was cosponsored by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Philadelphia Parks Alliance and supported by the Renew Growing Greener Coalition and the GreenSpace Alliance.  The forum was made possible with support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation via a grant to The Trust for Public Land and The Nature Conservancy.  Yards Brewing Company hosted the forum and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council sponsored refreshments.

Citizens' Assembly with Mayor Nutter

The Parks Alliance held a Citizens’ Assembly on Park Reform With Mayor Nutter on October 20, 2008 at the Friends Select School. The focus was on how and why the November 4th referendum to reform park governance and management would help to improve Philadelphia’s parks and recreation system. Speakers included Mayor Michael Nutter; Peter Harnik, Director of The Center for City Park Excellence, Trust for Public Land; and Pete (Alexander) Hoskins, President of the Philadelphia Parks Alliance. The Panel was moderated by Chris Satullo.


2008 Rally With Mayor

Along with Mayor Nutter, the Philadelphia Parks Alliance and hundreds of supporters rallied at City Hall on April 16, 2008 to call on City Council to support his proposed $2.5 million increase in park funding and the proposed parking tax. On May 22, 2008 City Council approved the historic increases in funding for Fairmount Park and additional increases for the Department of Recreation. Fairmount Park’s budget went from $13.1 million to $15.6 million, beginning July 1, 2008. In November, 2008, the Mayor delayed the $2.5 million increase and cut the Department by an additional $600,000 when the economic crisis became evident.


Celebration 2008 Fundraising Event

Fun was had by all and monies were raised to support Parks Alliance Efforts


People, Power, and Public Green Spaces Conference

In February, 2005, PPA, the PA Horticultural Society, and City Parks Alliance in partnership with the William Penn Foundation co-organized a regional advocacy conference for constituents involved in urban parks and community gardens. The event, held at Moore College of Art and attended by 200 people, provided instruction and models of best practices in a number of areas, including: grass roots advocacy, working with political leaders, creating media campaigns, case making, and coalition building. In addition to co-organizing the conference, PPA facilitated sessions in Art and Advocacy and and internet letter-writing kiosk.