A Guide to Philadelphia's Open Lands Protection Ordinance

The Parks Alliance led the call for legislation mandating the Commission on Parks and Recreation (Commission) to - for the first time ever - create standards for the protection and use of parkland, and worked with key stakeholders, government officials, citizens and experts for the creation of a land protection ordinance that reflects best thinking and practices.  This included more than $20,000 in pro-bono legal work donated to the Alliance for this project. In January 2011, after a public process, the Commission approved an ordinance that was then introduced in City Council for review, additional public comment, minor amendment and final passage. It was signed into law by Mayor Nutter in April 2011.

In 2013, the Parks Alliance released a guide to Philadelphia’s new Open Lands Protection Ordinance with the goal of raising awareness of the Ordinance, explaining its requirements in simple terms and providing insight into how the Parks Alliance interprets it. The Alliance continues to monitor early implementation of the Ordinance and related policy decisions. Below is a link to the guide. Paper copies are available at our office at 5070 Parkside Avenue.