More than 80 citizens applied to serve on the 2013-2017 Commission on Parks & Recreation. In May 2012, the City Council Committee on Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs held public hearings for applicants. City Council recommended 25 nominees to the Mayor who selected the final members on September 19th, 2012. The Commission application process will reopen in 2016 to recruit commissioners for 2017-2021.

New Members

Matthew Perks
Andrew Denison
Derrick Ford (Council President Clarke’s designee)

Returning Members

Nancy A. Goldenberg
Debra Wolf Goldstein
Jeffrey L. Hackett
Leslie Anne Miller
Carol B. Rice
Sarah Clark Stuart
James Bennett Straw

Ex-Officio Commission Members

President of City Council or designee
Executive Director of the City Planning Commission or designee
Water Commissioner
Streets Commissioner
Public Property Commissioner
Parks and Recreation Commissioner

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About the Commission on Parks and Recreation

How Many Commissioners Are There?  The Commission is composed of 15 members: nine appointed by Mayor Nutter from a list of no fewer than 18 and no more than 25 candidates nominated by City Council. In addition six “ex-officio” Commissioners  serve by virtue of their position in city government: the Commissioners of the Departments of Parks and Recreation, Water, Streets and Public Property; the Executive Director of the City Planning Commission and the President of City Council.

Qualifications: The Commission must reflect the geographic, racial, ethnic and gender diversity within the City.  In addition to Philadelphia residents, Commissioners can be chosen from Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware Counties.

Demonstrated experience or skills relevant to the powers and duties of the Commission including but not limited to:
     •    sports, recreation and athletic programming;
     •    natural lands management and environmental protection;
     •    tourism, marketing and public relations;
     •    community leadership;
     •    historical and architectural preservation;
     •    landscaping and horticulture;
     •    fundraising.

History: In November 2008, voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter creating the new Department of Parks and Recreation and the Commission on Parks and Recreation.  Two hundred people applied to serve on the Commission and after a series of public hearings, City Council’s Committee on Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, chaired by Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, announced a list of 25 nominees.  From those nominees, the Mayor selected 9 people to serve on the Commission.  Their terms, which began on July 1, 2009, are scheduled to expire later this year.

For questions, contact Theresa Brunson (215) 686-3424 or Hal Fichandler (215) 686-7667.  For details read the City’s March 30, 2012 News Release launching the application process or Mayor Nutter's press release announcing new commissioners.