Nominees for the Commission on Parks & Recreation

Launch of Commission Application Process

On January 28, 2009, Mayor Nutter issued a public call for applications to serve on the new Commission on Parks and Recreation. The due date for all applications was March 9, 2009, at which point City Council held public hearings on all applicants. The naming of the new Commission members, along with the hiring of the new Commissioner, took place in July 2009.

On June 4, 2009, City Council submitted the following nominees to Mayor Nutter via Resolution:

Noel Abejo
Charles Baltimore
Max Berger
Luther Collins
Andrew Denison
Nancy Goldenberg
Debra Wolf Goldstein
Jeffrey Hackett
David Hollenberg
Alexander "Pete" Hoskins
John B. Kelly, III
Anthony Langford
Matthew McClure
Michael McCrea
Leslie Anne Miller
Carla Puppin
Carol Rice
Carlos Rodriguez
Wendy Rosen
James Straw
Sarah Clark Stuart
Joseph Syrnick
Ronald Thomas
Maria Walker
L. Trena Woodson